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C-U Optimist Bulletin September 18 & October 2

cuoptimist Posted by cuoptimist at 11:55 AM on October 15, 2008
**Next Meeting- Thursday, October 16 Perkins Restaurant 6:00 pm**

September 18

The meeting was opened by Joyce leading us in the pledge and prayer. Brittany, our usual server, was our special guest. Janice Mouschovias and Ron Carbonari owners of "Dance Club? in the downtown Urbana post office, spoke and gave a demo of their dancing. They teach belly dancing, fox-trot, polka, west-coast swing and salsa.
Fred Neumann received the Achievement in Education Award for his career of teaching accountancy at the University of Illinois.
Howard celebrated his 80th birthday. We received thank yous from Champaign and Urbana park districts for the monetary gifts we made.
Joyce will pay the dues of the first new member of 2008-2009. She challenges YOU to bring in that member.
We celebrated Brittany?s upcoming new baby with a shower on her behalf.
Door prizes went to Andrea Lynch and Joyce Remesch. A Board meeting was held September 25 to develop a budget for the next year.

October 2

The Annual Installation meeting was opened by President Joyce. Howard led us in the pledge and Mason offered a prayer. Perfect attendance awards were given to Jim Manley and Joyce Remesch- 1 year, Stephanie Hutchens- 2 years, Fred Neumann- 4 years, Judith Pece- 9 years, Miriam Paluch- 10 years, Mason Minnes and Howard Schweighart- 12 years, Connie Minnes- 17 years, Gene Morgan- 20 years, and Walt Splittstoesser- 21 years. Continuous years of Service to our C-U Optimist Club were given to Eleanor Hutchens and Miriam Paluch for 10 years, Mason Minnes for 15 years, Bill Fondren for 30 years, Jim Manley for 35 years, Howard Schweighart for 40 years and Tim Nugent for 50 years. Congratulations!
The Honorable Stan Knecht, Illinois District Governor, installed the officers for the upcoming year. They are President- Jim Manley, 1st Vice- Stephanie Hutchens, 2nd Vice- Laura Auteberry, Secretary-Treasurer- Walter Splittstoesser, Board members- Carlos Donaldson, Jr., Barbara Gillespie, Bobbie Herakovich, Amy Lopez, Connie Minnes, Judith Pece, Joyce Remesch,  and Sgt. at Arms- Miriam Paluch. Barbara Gillespie presented the club with a certificate honoring us for our support of ACT-SO. Joyce thanked the club members for their support during her term of office. Joyce made honor club. Jim ushered in the new year by asking members to find new members to help in our club projects and asking for our continued support. Stan Knecht thanked us for inviting him to our meeting. He and his wife raise Alpacas. He was impressed with our variety of projects. We were also honored by the presence of  Lila Knecht, Lt. Gov. of Zone 14 and Joyce Remesch, Lt. Gov. of Zone 7. The meeting adjourned by the recitation of the Optimist Creed.

? The budget was approved for the upcoming year.

? The children of Joan Newcomb invite you to attend her 75th birthday party Sunday, October 19 from 1 to 4 pm at 305 Brady Lane in Urbana. No gifts, please. 

Birthday            Anniversary       
4 Tressesa Gibble    3 Laura & Dennis Auteberry
20 Joan Neumann    14 Judy & Roy Pece
27 Justin Lopez

Upcoming Events     
October 16 Mike Frogley, Men?s Wheelchair Basketball Coach
November 6 Jim & Pam Sisco hosting weenie roast
November 20   
November 29 Christmas trees arrive- Country Fair
December 4
December 18

Next Meeting- Thursday, October 16 Perkins Restaurant 6:00 pm

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