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Children's Challenge Pictures for 2004

This year, the Optimist Club held its Children's Challenge at Ryan's in Champaign.

April 1st, 2004

An award for a child with exceptional imagination and skill in painting, drawing, music, dance, drama, and/or writing.
Sindha - Nominated by Ms. Eckstein & Ms. Henson

An award for a child with special appreciation of and sensitivity to other cultures, literature, history or current events.
Anne - Nominated by Ms. Kuehn

An award for a child who inspires cooperation and group effort among his/her peers or people of other ages.
Garret - Nominated by Ms. Chambers & Ms. Pridemore

Community Service
An award for a child who stands out in his/her willingness and ability to help others.
Abigail - Nominated by Ms. Henson & Ms. Eckstein

An award for a child who has faced a great challenge with extraordinary bravery, endurance and/or effort.
Kahlilah - Nominated by Ms. Stapleton

Group Photos

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