Guidelines for Optimist Club Members

Since the C-U Optimist Club is a very active club with many projects and two successful fund-raisers, the members must participate for the club to remain successful. 

The Board of Directors feel that each member should, besides attending many regular meetings:

  1. Work five shifts selling tickets during the nine day Champaign County Fair.
  2. Work five shifts during the 15 to 22+ days of the Christmas tree sale.
  3. Attend three of the following events: Respect for Law, U of I Disabled Athlete Awards, Oratorical Contest, youth Christmas Party, Youth Challenge Award Program. 
  4. Participate in three projects: Junior World of Golf Tournament, Archery Program, "Just Say No" baseball game, Fishing Derby, Park Beautification Program, Poster Judging.
  5. Serve on a committee when asked.
  6. Attempt to find new, interested members.
  7. Be an Optimist in your everyday life.

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