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February 17
The meeting was opened by President Carlos.   Joan led us in the pledge and Mason opened the meeting with prayer. Members present included Joan, Fred, Marianna, Melvin, Miriam, Connie, Mason, Carlos, Ralph, Judy, Peg, Don, and Gene. Guests included Mae, Ryan and Blake Donaldson.

Ryan Donaldson, Essay Contest winner, read his "The Power of One" essay to us. The essay is at the District level for judging. Ryan introduced his mother and father, Mae and Carlos Jr., and his brother, Blake, to the club. Congratulations to Ryan and good luck!  Ryan was presented with a first place medal, certificate, and pen as his club awards. Second and third place winners were mailed their awards of a certificate and pen.

* Thank you received from Family Preservation Services for the Christmas gifts the club gave.
* Note from Al Tucker informing us of upcoming zone events.
* Applications for the oratorical contest must be received by February 24th. Send to Connie Minnes.
* Fishing Derby is at Kaufmann Lake June 4 from 9-1.
* Junior World of Golf June 9, 10am start at U of IL 
* Fair contract was signed after being reviewed by Gene and Mason. The fair is July 22-30. Mark your calendar.
* Welcome back to Gene from the Mexican Riviera.

"Optimists- Friend of Youth-
Bringing Out The Best In Kids."

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Door prizes were won by Gene Morgan and Ralph Patzke.

Birthdays               Anniversary     

2 Tom Danneberger   18 Ernie & Mary Adair
11 Jack Widholm
26 Miriam Paluch
31 Kevin Buskirk

Upcoming Events      March 3 Oratorical Contest St. Matthew Lutheran ChurchMarch 12 Zone oratorical contest- C-U host club, St. Matthew Lutheran ChurchMarch 31 Children's Challenge Awards - Ryan's Steak House 1004 West Anthony Drive, C $12April 7 NOW meeting
April 21 Adapted Athlete Banquet
May 5 Kate Kuper
May 13-14 District conf Radisson Hotel Bloomington
May 19 Respect For Law, Park Inn
June 2
June 4 Fishing Derby
June 9 Junior World of Golf, 10 am start U of IL course
June 16 HS Scholarship winners
July 7
July 6-9 OI convention New Orleans
July 21

July 22-30 2005 Champaign County Fair
August 4
August 12-14 Dist conv Eagle Creek Resort, Findlay
August 18
September 1
September 15
October 6 Installation of Officers

Next Meeting
March 3rd 6:00 pm start
Oratorical Contest (dinner provided)
St. Matthew Lutheran Church
2200 South Philo Road, Urbana

NOW (New Optimists Wanted) meeting coming up April 7th! Committee chairs will be asked to speak 2-3 minutes about their project. The most important thing is YOU bringing a prospective member to the meeting.
Golf & Xmas gifts- Gene                 Trees-Rick, Howard
Adapted Varsity Athlete-Ralph    Fair-Mason       Essay & Oratorical-Connie                Archery- BillChildren's Challenge- Miriam     U of IL baseball/softball- Jim, JoanRespect for Law- Ellen           Character Ed-Judy
HS Scholarships- Helen         Fishing Derby-Gene

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