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August 17th, 2000

President: Don Chenoweth

The meeting was opened by President Don Chenoweth, with the pledge
led by Mason Minnes.  Marianna Janssen led us in prayer.  Our guest was
Mary King Thompson, friend of Joan Newcomb.  Mary thanks us for the fishing
derby, which her grandson, Benjamin King, enjoys each year.  Our resident
jester entertained us with jokes.

A big thank you to Jim and Carol Manley who hosted our Post Fair
Appreciation Picnic.  Ask Mason if he knows his way to Jim's now.  He had
lots of help getting there- phone calls and a search party to lead him in.
A good time was had by all.

Don attended the District convention in Bloomington.  He informed
us that Deb Choklek was elected Gov-Elect for the coming year and Lloyd
Kuehn is our new Gov.  The 1st quarter meeting of the Illinois District
will be hosted in Urbana at the Eastland Suites on North Cunningham on
October 20-21.  We will need to provide a hospitality room and spouse
entertainment and child care.  We need a committee on this right away.

Ellen and Bill Fondren are organizing a bus trip to the Illinois FB game
versus Northwestern.  The cost will be approximately $22.  We invite all to
go and invite your friends.  There will be a deadline of September 15th for
notifying Bill and Ellen.  Tickets to the game cost $30.  In order to
secure a block, we need to have you commit.  Ride a bus, have fun with
friends, cheer on the Illini- sounds like a fun day!

The program was given by Ralph Patzke on the topic of his Internet
Mall.  You can visit and shop on line.  He spoke about
ecommerce and etailing- new words since the internet has become popular.
He has 7 million products from 14,000 merchants for you to survey and see
if it suits your interest.  Go browse!

1000 of the trifolds have been ordered.  You may pick these up at a
meeting.  These are a good recruiting tool.  Please give them to your
friends when you ask them to join with us in all the excellent activities
the Optimist Club participates in and supports.

If you have internet access, please check out our club on the internet at:

Joan Newcomb is recovering just great.  She says thanks for the cards and
CARDS TO HILAH DEATLEY, wife of former president- She had arm surgery and
is using a walker.
ROOM A 123
URBANA, IL 61802

September Birthdays

August 9th David Messmann 
August 16th Roma Chenoweth
August 17th Glenn Buskirk 
August 20th Jack Whitman
August 26th Marianna Janssen
August 29th Michele Spading Chittick


August 1st Bill & Ellen Fondren
August 2nd Kevin & Cissy Buskirk
August 18th Jeff and Amy Wendling
August 25th Tim & Jeanette Nugent
August 29th David & Marcia Messmann


Upcoming Events

September 7th James Talley- master gardener
September 21 Meeting
October 5th Installation Banquet TK Wendl's 6:00 pm 
October 20th-21st IL District meeting Urbana, Eastland Suites
November 25th Christmas trees arrive

Next Meeting

September 7th - 6:30 PM

Jolly Roger Restaurant


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