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August 2nd, 2001

President Helen Burch

A Board meeting preceded the regular meeting.  The meeting was
opened by President Helen Burch.   Ellen Fondren led us in the pledge and
Marianna Janssen in prayer. Guests were Shirley Splittstoesser, Jan Whitman
and Lorna Morgan.  Bob Hutchens told about the skunks that went to church.
"Let us spray."  They did and sat in their own pews.

Eleanor Hutchens gave a talk about James A.  Michener, author.  His
autobiography is "The World is My Home."  He died at 90 and won the
Pulitzer Prize for "Tales of the South Pacific."

Gene reported that 19 volunteers worked 54 days, 23 members worked
109 days.  Mason Minnes will take over the fair project next year.  We
spend 700 hours working the gates plus 300 hours parking. The Fair picnic
for all workers will be held at 3 pm Sunday, August 26 at Jim Manley's.
Bring a covered dish, steaks will be provided.  We will get the fair
contract next year.  Mason and Gene will meet with Jim Prather,  the new
County Fair Board President. Youth Day ended on a sour note.  The turn out
was excellent.  We were able to serve 1200 youth for free rides.  Tinsley
amusements would not allow any more in and many youth and parents left very
Mason, Walt, Bill, and Ellen will attend the Springfield
convention.  All board members are challenged to sponsor a member and win
prizes from the district.  Do it for the club!

Illness report
Matt Minnes was hospitalized 15 days in Hartford, CT while the
family was on vacation. He had a Group A strep blood infection. He had very
high fevers, tonsillectomy, lung lesions, affected kidneys and liver, and a
blood clot in the jugular vein. He got out on Friday, Aug 10 and is on the
mend.  He will be on blood thinners for several months and antibiotics for
three weeks.  He was a very sick young man and your prayers were greatly
appreciated and needed.
Tera Buskirk is having gall bladder problems and pancreatitis and
may have surgery.  She is currently in Carle Hospital in quite a bit of
pain.  A card would be appreciated.

Door prize winners were Bill, Ellen, and Shirley.

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August Birthdays

August 3rd

 Bill Fondren 

August 5th

 Mary Adair 

August 11th

 Sally Widholm 

August 15th

 Gerrit Knaap 

August 19th

 Ralph Patzke 

August 27th

 Walt Splittstoesser

August 27th

 Connie Minnes

August 27th

 Helen Burch

August 29th

 Howard Schweighart

August Anniversaries

August 3rd

 Penn & Barb Nelson

August 4th

 Melvin & Marianna Janssen

August 15th

 Don & Roma Chenoweth

August 18th

 Jack & Jan Whitman

August 20th

 Jim & Carol Manley

Upcoming Events

August 16th

 Meeting - "Australia" slides and talk by Walt

August 17-19th

 IL OI District Convention, Springfield

August 24th

 Peoria Chief's baseball game

September 6th


September 20th


October 4th

 Installation of New Officers

Next Meeting

Thursday, August 16th

6:30 PM

Jolly Roger Restaurant

"The consumer confidence rose today on news that the retail optimism rating
would report an upturn, sending the wholesale giddiness meter soaring."
-Jim Bergman

Directions to Jim and Carol Manley's home-
call 897-1334 if you get lost
667 County Road 3350 North, Fisher
North on Mattis Avenue (Dewey-Fisher Road)
Cross Hwy 136 at Mattis Avenue
Continue north , pass by Dewey.
Continue north to the stop sign, 3 miles
Turn left (west)  Go 2 miles to 700 east
Turn right (north) at the East Bend Mennonite Church
Go north 1/2 mile to 3350.
Turn left toward the wooded area.
Turn into third driveway on left. May park on road or in yard.

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