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December 6th, 2001

President Mason Minnes

The meeting was called to order by President Mason Minnes. Connie

Minnes led us in the pledge to the flag and Helen Burch offered a prayer.

Guests present were Kevin Booky, friend of Mason and Connie who works at

the U of IL and Urbana Public Works, Kerry Bushue, Math and science teacher

at UMS and co-worker with Judy Pece, and fiance, Derek Burson, working in

Athletic Public Relations at U of IL for basketball, volleyball, golf, and

football, and Nate Mast, assistant coach for the U of IL basketball team.



The tree lot sales were a success. We exceeded our estimated

profit in the budget. Howard was on TV concerning the tree sales. We did

have a break-in and lost the chain saw and $17. The Scouts were favorable

in their comments about their job at the tree lot. Some of them developed

into quite good sellers.

Thanks were received from the UHS Student Senate for our support of

the Thanksgiving Dinner. Walt will be traveling from December 24 through



Archery begins Sunday, January 13 at the St. Joseph Auction Sale

Barn and continues for 8 weeks from 4:00-5:45 pm. It is intended for 6-12

year olds.

Suggestions were solicited for the Respect for Law award banquet.

One suggestion was to invite Stanley Weaver, retiring Illinois State

Senator, Tom Berns, Illinois Representative, and Timothy Johnson, US Representative.

Gene received a call from Family Preservation Services, the group

we help at Christmas. A family had been omitted. Mason authorized gifts

for this family. Gene did the shopping.


Illness Report

Bob Hutchens was in the Champaign County Nursing Home and a card

was signed by members and sent to him. A card was sent to Jim Manley. He

was having vertigo problems.



Nate Mast, assistant basketball coach for the University of

Illinois presented our program. Nate is an undergrad student coach. He is

finishing his BS in architecture in May. He really enjoys coaching the

team and wishes he could help on the court on game day.


Bill Fondren, Melvin Janssen, and Ralph Patzke won the door prizes.

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Evelyn Burnett Underwood has been named a Woman of Distinction by the Green

Meadows Girl Scouts. Congratulations!!

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