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December 6th, 2001

President Mason Minnes

The meeting was called to order by President Mason.  We recited the
pledge to the flag and Mason offered a prayer.  Guests present were spouses
and Georgette Page, new member.

The tree lot sales are progressing well.  We are halfway to being
sold out. Thank you to all who have worked shifts.  We cannot do our youth
service projects without this fund raiser.  Howard is doing an excellent
job!  He coordinates the shifts and has to take over if someone calls in
sick.  He goes above and beyond the call of duty.  You are appreciated,
Howard!!!  FLASH! The last two trees sold Sunday, December 16th.
Georgette Page was inducted as a new member to the club.  She has
lived in the community for about 3-4 years.  She works with the Generations
of Hope  Project in Rantoul. Her son, Joe, was a Character Education guest
speaker at a club meeting in November.
A memorial has been sent to the Optimist International Foundation
from the C-U Optimist Club in the name of Chuck Mabus.  A memorial was also
sent to the American Legion. A thank you was received from the Orpheum
Theater for $500 for the children's science museum.
Our club supports the Family Preservation Services Christmas gift
fund.  We are spending $800 for 30 children.  Miriam, Connie, Lorna,
Beverly, Jeanette, Dottie, and Joan will shop.  Gene Morgan is coordinator
for that event.  He will deliver all the gifts.  It is good you have a
truck, Gene!
Information concerning the "Significant Organization Savings
Program" was shared.  The important number is #00800728.  Call
1-800-258-2847 for reservations at any of the following motels and you will
experience a 20% discount- Comfort, Quality, Sleep, Clarion, Econo Lodge,
Rodeway Inn, and MainStay Suites.  Advance reservations are required.  You
may also become a member in the Guest Privileges Frequent Traveler Program
at 1-888-770-6800.  (I don't know what that does for you)

Jim, we missed you!  In fact, it took all the members present to do
the Santa job you usually did. We hope your vision improves soon.  The
annual Christmas gift exchange was held.  Some gifts got "stolen"
frequently.  Everyone went home with a prize gift.  Preceding the meal, the
UHS Choir, under the direction of Willie T. Summerville, sang for our
enjoyment.  A $244 donation was collected for the choir, as they are saving
for an April concert in Carnegie Hall.

December Meeting
December 20th we will hear from Nate Mast, student coach of the
University of Illinois men''s basketball team.

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Illinois District web site-

December Birthdays

December 2nd

 Lorna Morgan 

December 2nd

 Dan Krull

December 9th

 Evelyn Danneberger

December 15th

 Mason Minnes

December 22nd

 Judy Pece

December 24th

 Shirley Furtney

December 31st

 Eleanor Hutchens

December Anniversaries

December 31st

 Jack & Sally Widholm

Upcoming Events

December 6th

 member/spouse/guest party and gift exchange  6:00 pm

December 20th

 Nate Mast- U of IL basketball program

January 3rd

Stephen Larson - Urbana Archivist - UHS

January 17th

 Robert Steigman

February 2nd

 Second Quarter meeting Alton, Holiday Inn

February 7th

Essay contest winner

February 21st

 Oratorical contest

July 19-27th

 Champaign County Fair

Next Meeting

Thursday, December 20

6:30 PM

Jolly Roger Restaurant

Come hear about
University of Illinois


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