February 1st, 2001

President: Helen Burch

The meeting was opened by President Helen Burch.   Jack Whitman led
us in the pledge and Marianna offered a prayer.  Guests were Barbara and
Matthew Peckham, Fern Bee, Kay Miller, Jan Whitman, Sally and Jenny
Widholm, and Shirley Splittstoesser.

Barbara Peckham has been involved in the antique business for 32 years.  It
is a family business, with son, Matthew, specializing in 50s items.  Both
are accredited appraisers.  Many items were brought by 14 members to be
appraised for no fee!

Health Report
Judy Pece is still bothered by back problems from a herniated disc.  Connie
Minnes does not have any blocked arteries.  Her echo cardiogram showed a
false-positive.  Walt's cancer is back and he will be undergoing 35
radiation treatments of the lower pelvic area.

Special Invitation
Congratulations to Connie Minnes.  She is one of three women to be
honored as Women of Distinction by the Green Meadows Girl Scouts Council.
The awards presentation will be made Tuesday, March 20 at the Holiday Inn,
Urbana.  The award,A Legacy of Leadership, is given to women who show
sustained community leadership.  Connie has served twice as our club
president and the C-U Optimist Club supported her nomination.  All members
are invited to the dinner  at 5:30 pm - $30 or just the honors program at
8:00 pm- free!

Thank yous from the University of Illinois Spurlock Museum for the
donation towards the educational endowment fund, Spurlock Museum, College
of LAS director of education for Spurlock Museum, Champaign Park District
for Kaufman Lake donation, Orpheum Children's Science Museum, and the
Urbana High Student Senate Thanksgiving Dinner Committee.
Payments from budgeted monies were made to Youth Opportunities
Unlimited and Wheelchair Sports Camp.
Joan, Helen, and the Splittstoessers are attending the District
meeting in Glenview Feb 23-24.  The OI Foundation Auction will be held at
that meeting. The function of the Foundation is to provide funding
especially scholarship money, for Essay, Oratorical, Junior Golf, Tri Star
Sports and other International OI programs. Joan Newcomb is our OI
Foundation club rep.  She provided club members with chocolate hearts for
"all you do."
The High School Scholarships were discussed with recommendations
that we study the contest being county wide next year and that we give four
at large scholarships, rather than three for the three local high schools.
This year the applications will be in schools by February 8th with a March
30th submission deadline.
Walt passed around a picture of the OI Rose Bowl float.  It was a
covered wagon with pioneers and children riding.
Archery will begin Sunday, January 28 from 2:30 - 4:00 pm at the
auction building in St. Joseph.  It will continue for ten weeks.
President, Helen Burch, and the Decatur president have been asked
to help at the May District meeting in Bloomington.
Helen gave out some heart pins.  The meeting was closed with the creed.

New Members
How did you become an Optimist?  You were invited!  Please invite your
friends to become Optimists.  How about a contest with $1000 going to the
member getting the most new club members during one year?

Please check out the updated club website:


March Birthdays

March 2nd Tom Danneberger
March 11th Jack Widholm
March 26th Miriam Paluch
March 31st Kevin Buskirk


March 18th Ernie & Mary Adair

Upcoming Events

March 1st Bill McLane War Momentos
March 22nd Children's Challenge
March 30th HS Scholarships due
April 5th Oratorical Contest- St. Matthew Lutheran Church 6:00 pizza
dinner after contest
April 7th Park Beautification depending upon when trees arrive
April 19th Wheelchair Sports Banquet- Park Inn
May 9th Respect for Law TK Wendl's
May 12th Baseball Youth Day at Illini Field vs. Indiana
June 11th-13th Junior World of Golf- Piper Glen, Springfield

Next Meeting

March 1st, 2001

Jolly Roger Restaurant  6:30 pm



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