January 4th, 2001

President: Helen Burch

The meeting was opened by President Helen Burch, with the pledge
led by Helen.  Jack Whitman led us in prayer.  Our guests were Jan Whitman
and Kim Sheahan, Assistant Director of Education, Spurlock Museum.  A thank
you was read from St. Matthew Lutheran Church for our donation of a
Christmas tree for a needy family.  DSC thanked us for the Christmas tree
that graced their lunch room.

Members present- Joan Newcomb, Dottie Mercer, Judy Pece, Jack Whitman, Gene
Morgan, Mason and Connie Minnes, Bob and Eleanor Hutchens, Miriam Paluch,
Don Chenoweth, and Helen Burch.

Phone Tree
Judy Pece will call or email with info to the phone tree heads and
they will get out the message.

Christmas Trees
The Christmas trees sales and initial report is very positive.  All
bills have not yet been received.  A final report will be given when these
are in.

Christmas Giving
Family Services Christmas Party was held at the American Legion
Post 24.  Santa Jim Manley was present to entertain the 18 children.  Joan
Newcomb, Dottie Mercer, Jeanette Nugent, and Dan Gibble bought the presents
for the kids.  We also were able to purchase gifts for a 4 year old Head
Start child that had been left out.  The party went well with pizza, soda,
and cookies served.

New Members
How did you become an Optimist?  You were invited!  Please invite your
friends to become Optimists.  How about a contest with $1000 going to the
member getting the most new club members during one year?

Christmas/Valentine Party
The special Christmas party and gift exchange will now be a Valentine
Party.  Save your gift for the Valentine Party!  Details to follow.

Essay Contest
The application forms are in the three local high schools.  The deadline
for them to be returned is February 14.  The theme is "Are We Losing Our

District Meeting
The District meeting will be held in Glenview February 24.  The
International VP will be the District guest.
Kim Sheahan showed us slides of the future Spurlock Museum interior and of
the current exterior.  A delay has been caused by cracking cement floors.
The former campus World History Museum will have a wonderful place to show
the artifacts.

Please check out the updated club website:

January Birthdays

January 10th Tim Nugent
January 15th Tim Donaldson
January 22nd Bev Schweighart
January 27th Gene Morgan



January 6th Evelyn Underwood Gerrit & Jody Knaap

Upcoming Events

January 18th  Urbana Fastpitch softball, Vern Fein and a Champaign Park District representative
February 1st Bill McLane, Military Memorabilia
February 15th  Barbara and Matthew Peckham, appraisal business.  They will
appraise one item per person that night.
February 23rd-24th Second IL District meeting
June 11th-13th Junior World of Golf- Piper Glen, Springfield

Next Meeting

January 18th, 2001

Jolly Roger Restaurant  6:30 pm



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